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Aerodynamic testing of aircraft, automobiles and civil engineering structures require high numbers of pressure measurements, often within confined spaces inside wind tunnel models. Data quality, reliability and ease of use are of primary importance. The ESP line of miniature pressure scanners combine 16, 32 or 64 pressure sensors with a calibration valve within the industry’s smallest package. Individual temperature sensors provide active DTC (digital temperature compensation) to virtually eliminate thermal sensitivity. Multiple pressure scanners are combined with microprocessor-based solutions to provide system solutions with engineering unit output to the host computer.

NVH Test  
Geeignete Modelle Sensor Typ
ESP-HD  16, 32 or 64 port scanner
4" H2O to 100psiD
DTC - Digital Temperature Compensation
Initium Data System
Ethernet Interface
Up to 1200Hz/port EU data
EPIH Pressure Transducer