In Motorsport, sensors provide critical information that will determine the outcome of every race. Measurement Specialties' extensive portfolio of products provide sensor solutions from pressure monitoring of essential fluids and gases, to accelerometers for vehicle dynamics and beyond. Not only is MEAS engaged with sensor supplies for vehicle development in areas such as wind tunnel pressure scanners, torque sensor systems for engine/gearbox development and dynamic sensors for vibration monitoring, MEAS is also has an extensive sensor supply for in-car use and aero testing.
Measurement Specialties has long been the supplier of choice within F1, DTM, WRC, LMP1 and many other racing series providing solutions for pressure, acceleration, force, torque, position, temperature and fluid properties. Over 80% of our product supply is to custom designs in partnership with our customers who expect the best sensor solutions for their unique applications. With our advanced series of dynamic and static sensors, we have the best technology offerings specializing in miniature sensors, light weight, shock/vibration testing and multi array scanners.

Applications are wide and varied but extend to skid sensors, pitot, hydraulic/coolant pressures, chassis/hub vibration, bump stop force, pressure scanners for aero monitoring. All sensors are backed up with high reliability, extensive customer service and knowledgeable applications team to service your needs.

Racing Dynamics & Control  
geeignete Modelle Sensor Typ
4203, 203, XA1641, JAS3, JASF DC Response Accelerometers
EPRB1, EPRD, EPL  Pressure Transducers
FCA7300, FN7080, FN2570 Load and Torque Sensors
SM1, SP1 Position Sensors
T01 Mineral Insulated (MI) Thermocouple Temperature Sensors
Engine & Suspension Testing   
4201, 201, EGCS-A2/B2  DC Response Accelerometers
7100A, 7501A, 7502A, 7132A AC Response Accelerometers
EPRB3, EB100 Pressure Transducers
FN7178, XFTC322, FN3042  Load and Torque Sensors
CLP, SP2 Position Sensors
Custom Fluid Temperature Probe Temperature Sensors
EPIH, EPL Pressure Transducers
INTIUM, ESP HD, 8432 Pressure Scanners
Air Temperature Probe Temperature Sensors