Machinenüberwachung / Strukturtests

Test und Entwicklung


The health of machinery or civil engineering structures is critical to its operators and owners. Downtime of any profit-producing asset, be it a power generator or a wind turbine, can be calculated in millions of dollars. Measurement Specialties’ Test and Measurement (T&M) division offers a variety of sensors to monitor the health of your important assets, to make sure that they are operating within their service parameters, and periodic maintenance is carried out only at the right time.

From accelerometers for machine health monitoring and seismic survey to fluid properties sensors for checking the quality of the lubricant, we have the necessary technologies and experience to assist you with your measurement requirements

Machinenüberwachung und vorbeugende Maßnahmen 
Geeignete Modelle Sensor Typ
801X-01, 802X-01, 8032 Beschleunigungssensoren (Vibrationssensor) mit Spannungsausgang
8011-AR/AP, 8021-AR/AP Beschleunigungssensoren mit 4-20mA Stromausgang
8011-06, 8011-VR/VP, 8021-VR/VP Velocity Output Sensors
8042-01 Wasserdichte Beschleunigungssensoren
M5100, U5100, US10000, P9000 Drucksensoren
FN3002, FN1010 Kraftsensoren
GCA Series, HCA Series, Hydraulic Valve LVDT  Wegsensoren
FPS2810 Sensoren zur Flüssigkeitsmessungen
201, 4332, 4807A  Beschleunigungssensoren mit DC-Spannungsausgang
801X-01, 802X-01, 8032 Beschleunigungssensoren mit AC-Ausgang
8011-AR/AP, 8021-AR/AP Beschleunigungssensoren mit 4-20 mA - Ausgang
M5100, MSP300, P101, P1200 Drucksensoren
FN2420, FN3002 Kraftsensoren
GCT Series, PT9000 Series Wegsensoren