Automobilindustrie - Test und Entwicklung

From engine and transmission development to vehicle NVH testing, sensors are an integral part of the research and development cycle. Measurement Specialties provides the automotive industry with pressure transducers, load cells, accelerometers, LVDTs, torque meters, temperature sensors, pressure scanners and fluid property analyzers for a wide variety of applications. Our broad spectrum of sensing technologies has served our customers especially well in today's reduced cycle time environment.

NVH Test  
Geeignete Modelle Sensor Typ
7101A, 7102A, 7108A, 7130A, 7131A Beschleunigung
EPB, EPX Druck
FN3060, FN7384 Kraft und Drehmoment
TPT300V Temperatur
Motorenentwicklung / Tests  
7502A, 7508A, 7514A, 7503A, 7100A  Beschleunigung
EPRB-1, EPRB-3, FP1124 Druck
CD1124T, CD1140 Kraft und Drehmoment
T01 Mineral Insulated (MI) Thermocouple  Temperatur
7132A, EGCS-D0, 4801A, 4604, 4623  Beschleunigung
FCA7300, FN7080, FN2570 Kraft und Drehmoment
DPG Series, MTA Weg